Governors are one of the largest volunteer forces in the country and have an important part to play in raising school standards.

The role of a Governing Body, often described as being a “critical friend”, is absolutely key to the effectiveness of a school. Its three main roles are to:

  1. Set the vision and strategic direction of the school.
  2. Hold the Headteacher to account for the school’s educational performance.
  3. Ensure that financial resources are well managed and spent.

The role of Governor is largely a thinking and questioning role. The day to day operational management of the school is delegated to the Headteacher and the Senior Leadership Team.

St Paul’s C of E Governing Body is made up of representatives from the school staff, parents, the local community and St Paul’s Church. In addition to participating in the Full Governing Body which meets three times per year, Governors also serve on sub-committees which are:

  • Curriculum (3 times per year)
  • Finance and Resources (3 times per year)
  • Ethos (2 times per year)
  • Pay and Performance Review (2 times per year)
  • Headteacher Appraisal (2 times per year)

If you wish to contact the Co-Chairs of Governors of St Paul’s C of E Primary, please contact Mr Martyn Long or Mr Tom Keef via the School Office.

Martyn Long

Co-opted Governor, Co-Chair of Governors

Martyn was co-opted to the Board of Governors in Autumn 2016 and has 2 children at the school. He was elected co-chair of the governing body in October 2017. Alongside being a member of the Board, Martyn also attends the finance committee, curriculum committee and Pay and Performance Committee. He is also the subject link governor for Sport.

Martyn has extensive and wide ranging leadership and management experience across the civil service and local government, and currently works in the employment and skills sector with a focus on designing and delivering work and skills programmes and supporting career and progression pathways for disadvantaged communities. He also has previous governance experience in the charity and housing sectors.

Tom Keef

Parent Governor, Co-Chair of Governors

Tom was elected as a parent governor in Autumn 2016 and has 2 children at the school. He was elected co-chair of the governing body in October 2017. As well as being a member of the full governing body, he is a member of the finance committee and the curriculum committee. Tom is also the science subject link governor for St Paul’s.

Tom works within the pensions industry working to improve people’s outcomes at retirement. He also has a PhD in maths which his children like to tease him about - apparently it doesn’t make him a proper doctor.

Becca DeKoning

Vice Chair of Governors

Parent Governor

Becca was elected as a parent governor in Autumn 2018. She has 2 children at the school and another at nursery. She has responsibility for SEN and pupil premium and she sits on the curriculum committee supporting the school with teaching and learning.

Becca works in the Local Area Team supporting families in the city. She has also worked in safeguarding, young people’s services and has volunteered with children and young people in the charity sector. She has also had previous experience of being a Trustee for a children’s mentoring charity. She is passionate about the well being of children and their families, and ensuring all children have the opportunity to reach their potential.

Kim Brown

Foundation Governor

Kim joined the board in January 2019 as one of the representatives from St Paul’s Church. Given this connection she also sits on the Ethos committee, supporting the school articulate it’s vision and develop it’s culture and values in line with SIAMS.

Kim has extensive leadership and governance experience – through heading up commercial teams in the Retail food industry and from her previous role as a charity Non Exec trustee. She is also a qualified executive coach and cares passionately about helping people achieve their professional goals whilst developing their personal resilience and well being.

Kim moved to York just over two years ago and is loving exploring her new city and the balance York has between city and country life.

Sarah Hann

Teacher Governor

Sarah joined the governing body in January 2017 as a teacher governor. She is an experienced teacher and has taught at St Paul’s C of E Primary School for over 14 years and is committed to supporting all children reach their full potential through the delivery of a broad, balanced curriculum. Sarah believes that all children should be enthused and stimulated by their learning.

As RE and Collective Worship Leader, Sarah also sits on the Ethos Committee. She works hard to ensure that the school’s values, driven by our Christian roots, are integral to our daily lives, relationships, how we teach and what our children learn.

Jan Grey


Jan Grey is known as ‘Mrs Grey’ from her time working at St Paul’s School. Jan has such a heart for the children, staff and community at the school, that when an opportunity came for Jan to pursue her dream role in tackling poverty, Jan knew she couldn't leave the school completely and Jan applied for the role of a governor.

Jan been in primary education for 34 years and held many roles in supporting teachers, as well as being a Nursery Nurse and Higher Level Teaching Assistant. Jan's main interests and passions lie in education about world faiths, cultures and traditions. Jan also loves teaching vital life skills for our children to be able to grow, be resilient and thrive.

At her previous school Jan was subject leader for RE, PSHCE, Collective Worship and SIAMS. Jan is keen to take these experiences into the governor role through the curriculum and Ethos Committee. From Jan's experience in Reception, she is also the governor for Early Years. Lastly, Jan has been a member of St Paul’s Church congregation since 2006 and has been an active bridge between the school and church, especially on School to Church events.

Gerry Weatherall


Gerry has been a teacher for most of her working life apart from a period of 14 years during which time she set up a business with her husband and had their family. Gerry still maintains an interest in the business but on the periphery. Gerry completed a refresher course at York St. John before returning to teaching in 1992. Subsequently her first permanent post was at St. Paul’s and she worked here as class teacher / Literacy Leader / Assistant Head Teacher until her semi retirement in 2010. Until 2019 Gerry was the School specific Supply Teacher - working in school on a very regular basis.

Gerry became a Governor of the school in June 2019. It seemed a very natural and, for her at least, pleasurable progression. As a governor Gerry would want to promote and assist with all of the valuable work which is centred within our inspirational school but which also reaches into the wider St. Paul’s community. Gerry too has been a pupil at this truly wonderful school - learning and honing her craft. Taught by some of the most skilful of teachers and always trying to learn from her pupils.

Gerry expects and believes that , as a governor , she will continue to learn and to apply what she learnt to the advantage of St. Paul’s and its pupils.