Our aim is to provide an exciting, well-rounded and inclusive curriculum to prepare our pupils for the next stage of education, and for their future.

We want our children to leave St Paul's C of E Primary having a genuine love for learning and passion for life. Alongside this, we believe in teaching our children to have sound core values with an emphasis on respect for others, mutual understanding and a celebration of diversity. At the heart of our curriculum design are our school aims, vision and values.

Our Aims & Christian Vision

Our school is a family where everyone feels safe, happy and valued and is supported to achieve their full potential.

We will develop compassionate and caring individuals who depend on one another, are highly motivated, and have a life-long love of learning in preparation for the future.

Our Core Values

All that we do is underpinned by the core Christian values of Family (Koinonia), Compassion, Perseverance and Forgiveness.

“Though we are many, we form one body, all joined together as members of the whole. We each have different gifts, according to the grace given to each of us. We must use them wisely.”

Romans 12:5-8

In addition to the acquisition of knowledge and skills, the delivery of our curriculum supports and develops our Christian values and 'life skills' such as collaboration, perseverance, resilience and problem solving; so our pupils become confident and curious learners, well prepared for the 21st century.

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