As a church school, St Paul's C of E Primary School's distinct Christian character means we provide a nurturing environment within which not only do children thrive, but the entire school community feel they belong.

St Paul's Church, Holgate

Here at St Paul's C of E Primary, we value our links with St Paul's Church, Holgate, which is a short distance from school. The clergy team regularly lead our collective worship at school and we also visit St Paul's Church for services and festivals, such as Harvest, Christingle and Easter. The Church also allow us to use the building for RE curriculum purposes and to hold a number of performances. School Goes to Church takes place once a term, when the school community attend the Family Sunday Service at St Paul's.

Collective Worship

Collective worship forms an integral part of our school community and takes place on a daily basis. Members of the church, staff, our pupil 'Worship Squad' and visitors from the wider community lead our acts of collective worship.

Religious Education

We teach the statutory, locally agreed, Religious Education syllabus that prepares pupils for the opportunities, responsibilities and experiences of life in modern Britain. As well as the study of Christianity as a living and diverse faith, the programme also includes learning about a range of religions and worldviews, fostering respect for others. We have begun to build global links with St Paul's Church and look forward to building on this in the future. To learn more about the teaching of religious education, see our curriculum section on the website.

"Collective Worship helps me reflect and shapes who I am"

Class 6 Pupil
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Prayer & Reflection Areas

At St Paul's C of E Primary, we have developed a number of areas in and around school for our school community to reflect or pray.

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I really like the prayer trees, I like adding my thoughts, prayers or opinions to a whole class tree.

Class 6 Pupil

Our School Prayers

Our School Prayers reflect on what we want for our children at school and in their wider lives.

Dear God,

Help us to start each day with a fresh beginning, as if this whole world was made anew.


Dear God,

Thank you for the talents that you have given me. Help me to use them wisely, this day and every day.


You can find our latest SIAMS Inspection report here.