Children should be in school, on time, every day unless they are unwell and unable to attend.

The lead for attendance in school is Mrs Clarke, Headteacher.

The better a child’s attendance the higher they achieve and research shows that attendance levels at primary school have an impact on GCSE results at the end of secondary school.

We aim for children to have 100% attendance at school. However, we also understand that there are times when a child will be ill and may be absent. The national average for attendance is 96%, the equivalent of missing around 8 days over a year, and all children should aim to have this as a minimum for attendance. Any child whose absence falls below 90% or around 19 days off over the year is classified by the Government as a Persistent Absentee. If your child’s attendance approaches this figure we will contact you to discuss how we will work together to improve it

The School Day

8:40am: Gate to Playground opens for line up

8:40am: Teachers greet the children & parents

8:45am: School begins

3:10pm: Reception and KS1 finishes

3:15pm: KS2 finishes

All children are in school just over 32 hour a week, which is Government's statutory requirement.


If your child is ill please let us know as early as possible by calling school on 01904 551122. If we do not hear from you, we will contact you once school has started.


Schools are unable to authorise absence for holidays or other requests for time off school, unless there are exceptional circumstances. Family holidays should be booked during the 13 weeks of school holidays. If you do need to request time off school for your child for exceptional circumstances, please contact the School Office to discuss further and to complete the relevant paperwork.

Medical Appointments

Where possible, medical appointments should be made outside of school time or if it is in school time, children should attend school before and / or after their appointment.