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Our Curriculum Project for Summer 2019

Who lives in a rock pool?

There’s an exciting world just below the surface of the rock pool. Which creatures live near the sea? Why do crabs have shells? We’ll find out the answers to these questions and more in this project about the seashore.

This term, we’ll learn all about the coast and the fascinating world of the British seashore. We’ll explore rock pools and collect ‘treasures’. We will use our senses to investigate man-made and natural seashore objects, including litter. We’ll also write postcards and use our art skills to draw seabirds, create beach art and decorate shells. It might get messy when we explore the texture of sand and create a fantastic sand art display! We’ll listen carefully to stories and poems about the seashore. By reading non-fiction books, we’ll find out lots of interesting facts, discovering which animals live in a rock pool and what they eat.

Project Links:

Rock Pool

A three-minute video exploring rock pool life and how the creatures that live there survive.


Extraordinary footage of a chain of hermit crabs exchanging and upgrading their shells.


Enter the name of a seabird to find pictures and key information.

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