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Our Curriculum Project for Summer

'Summer 2020'

The sun has got his hat on! What does summer at home have to offer? In this home learning project, you can learn all about summer, the changes that happen in the natural world and things people do during the warmer months.

You can go for a walk to look for signs of summer, and use your senses to explore the season. Make ice pencils and create some cold and colourful writing. Why not use symbols to complete a weather chart, and record the temperature. Using your green fingers, why don’t you plant grass seeds and care for them during the project. You can taste summer fruits, make healthy lollies, and then write instructions. Outside on a walk or in your garden you can play games and search for wildflowers. You can learn about sun safety, and make sunglasses using different materials.

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Information for Parents

Our Project and Curriculum Overview and Homework Grid for Summer