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Our Curriculum Project for Autumn 2019

Are we there yet?

Are you ready for an adventure? Where in the world could we go? How could we travel there? It is time to discover transport, travel and places near and far! This half term, we are thinking about the transport we have taken to go on holiday, we will use maps to consider where we would like to visit next. What should we pack? Then we will draw and write about imaginary journeys and make predictions about how many vehicles we will find around school. How far can inflated balloons travel? WE will explore and find out. In our science lessons, we will learn about floating and sinking by building miniature boats, and find out about friction by rolling cars down ramps. Then we will display our super vehicles, answer questions about them, and create passports to document our travels. We will also learn about road safety, learn about high-visibility clothing and design an incredible imaginary vehicle using a computer program. At the end of the project, we'll go on a journey to explore the different types of transport that we have learnt about.

Project Links:


Learn how to keep safe using the green cross code.


Learn interesting facts about hot air balloons.


Why not visit the NRM and learn about transport in the past.

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