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Our Curriculum Project for Autumn 2 2019

Why don't snakes have legs?

Reptiles are wild and wonderful creatures. Why don't snakes have legs? Why do chameleons change colour? We'll find out the answers to these questions and more in this fascinating project about reptiles. This half term, we will have a visit from different reptiles. We will talk to the experts and take lots of photographs. Back at school, we will then create remarkable reptile artwork using a variety of drawing and painting materials. We will look closely at the foods reptiles eat and have lots of fun playing in our swamp with small world reptiles. Getting creative, we will use natural materials to build homes for reptiles, learning about different habitats. We hope they will be comfortable! We will also go on a reptile hunt, and decide which are our favourites.

Project Links:

Information about reptiles, including an A–Z list, videos and pictures.

A child-friendly website with a simple picture index and many images. Use the filter to search for reptiles.

Photographs of endangered animals with brief descriptions that are suitable for teacher information or older, more confident readers.


Information for Parents

Our Project and Curriculum Overview and Homework Grid for Autumn 2 2019