Welcome to Class 3 and Class 4!

Our Curriculum Project for Autumn 2 2019

Blue Abyss

Grab your wetsuit! We're going on a deep sea adventure. This half term, we'll visit an aquarium to gain an insight into the ocean world. We'll sketch different creatures, write poems inspired by our favourite sea creatures and use maps, globes and atlases, we'll identify the world's oceans and seas. After locating the Great Barrier Reef on a map, we'll learn about the risks it faces. Diving back into the 1800s, we'll learn all about the HMS Challenger.

Project Links:

Great Barrier Reef Facts - Facts about the reef and a selection of images.

Clips of live web cam footage showing a wide variety of ocean creatures.

An amazing eight-minute film showing a wide variety of ocean life.

A two-minute film exploring the creatures that live down in the depths of the ocean.

A four-minute clip following Jessica Cramp and her team as they use a submarine to explore the creatures of the Galapagos.

Facts and information about different whales


Information for Parents